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Course Exams

Mandatory activities

Some courses have mandatory activities. You need to pass the mandatory activities in order to be eligible for the exam. In the course catalogue, you can see if your courses have mandatory activities.

If you do not pass the mandatory activities
You will receive the grade NA (not approved) at the ordinary exam, if the mandatory activities are not approved before the deadline set by the course manager. You will use an exam attempt.

Before the re-exam you again need to have the mandatory activities approved. Therefore contact your course manager asap for a new agreement on when to submit the mandatory activities.

Paper and pen and coffee

Exam forms

Computer and paper and pen

Courses typically have three different exam forms. In the course catalogue you can find information about the exam form used for the different courses.

Follow the links below and read more about the different exam forms.

Follow this link for the exam forms and variations explained in details.

Time and date of the exam

Ordinary Exams

Oral exams

  • Exam dates are available in TimeEdit, no later than a week in advance.
  • The exam schedules for the Spring semester are available late November (the semester before).
  • The exam schedules for the Autumn semester are available mid May (the semester before).
  • Individual exam schedules with the actual time slot are administered by the course manager and will be shared at least a week before the exam.

Written exams on premises

  • Exam dates, time of the exam and room number(s) are available in TimeEdit. 

Exam assignments


Exam assignments

  • If an exam assignment was a part of the course exam, you must (re)submit it in LearnIT. 

Talk to your course manager about whether or not you need to make amendments to the exam assignment. See here for details about re-submitting. 

Oral exams and written exams on premises

  • Oral re-exams and re-exam for written exam on premises are held in March/August.
  • For the oral re-exams the date will be shared at the latest a week before the actual exam 

See TimeEdit for all the above dates.
Please note that if the form for the exam change for the re-exam, the date for your re-exam might change as well, so remember to check up on the date!

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The Study and Career Guidance offers a lot of useful tips and tricks, that can be relevant for you when it comes to exams and preparation.

Explore the the topics they cover, by having a look at the drop down menu for The Study and Career Guidance.

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