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Study Skills

On the following pages, you will find techniques, that your Study- and Career Advisors at the IT-University see as good tools to help you: creating better study structures, studying more effective and freeing up more time.

Study hacks - create more free time and motivation

We have picked out four different areas that play a big role and occupies a large part of university student’s everyday life: planning your studies, preparing for the next lecture, taking notes during class/preparation and your study motivation.

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Working in Groups

Group work

At the IT University, you will often be working in groups. Working in groups can be a great enrichment and has many advantages. However, it can also be a challenge to get the group work up and running, which is why you need some tools to get the most out of your group work.

Exam hacks

Here you can get some good advices on how to prepare for the onlines exams during the Corona. Remember that even though some of the settings are different - a great part of this exam period is still business as usual.
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How to uni

Students at the IT University have various backgrounds, some are new to studying at a university, some come with a professional Bachelor's degrees, while others have their qualifying exam from a university. Here we have gathered some useful information that can give you an introduction to the life as a university student.

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