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Exam Complaints

Exam complaints do not include teaching, supervision, or other factors that are not part of the actual exam.

If you wish to complain about these matters, you should submit a separate complaint. Read more about complaining about teaching or supervision.

What is an exam complaint?

Examination complaints can be about the following issues:

  • The basis for the examination (questions, assignments and the like)
  • How the examination was conducted
  • The examination grade
  • Legal matters 

What are the possible outcomes of a complaint?

If we decide in favour of you, we can either offer a new assessment of the exam that you have done or we can offer you a new examination.

If the exam was an oral exam, we will always offer you a new examination. 

Read more about what happens after you have complained.

How to apply

If you do not agree with the assessment at an exam, we recommend that you start by contacting your examiner and discuss the reasons for your grade or assessment before making an official complaint. 

Many students understand the assessment better once they have spoken with the examiner. However, you do not have a statutory right to a statement from your examiner. 

Please note, that you need to file your complaint within the deadline (see below) no matter whether you have received feedback from the examiner or not.

If you still wish to file an official complaint, you should use this form and structure your complaint as follows:

  • Begin by specifying what you wish to achieve through the complaint.
  • Substantiate your complaint - it may be a good idea to describe how your exam answer met the requirements stated in the goal description for the course or project. 

If the course language is English, the complaint must be written in English. If the course language is Danish, you can write your complaint in either Danish or English. Send it to


Deadline for complaining

The deadline is two weeks after the grade is announced. This applies even if you have contacted your examiner and are awaiting an eventual reply. You need to file your complaint within the deadline even if you haven't heard from your examiner.

Read about when grades are announced.