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The oral exam

On the day of the exam, make sure that you arrive in due time before the exam.

It is also your responsibility to check which aids are provided and allowed at the exam and in the exam preparation room.

Structure, length and content of the oral exam

You can see in the course catalogue how the oral exam for your course is conducted. If you have questions about the exam, you should contact the course manager, so that you know which elements the exam will consist of, and what is expected of you.

If you are attending a group exam, the specific option used for that particular exam will be described in the course catalogue.

You can find a description of the five different exam forms here.

See also the time and date of your exams in TimeEdit.

Oral exams are public

Oral examinations are public, but the Board of Studies at ITU have decided that examinations will take place behind closed doors on the examinee’s request.

Moreover, the Board of Studies may decide in particular cases that an examination is not public, and specify who may be present during the examination.

Only the internal and external examiners may be present during the voting. The Board of Studies may, however, decide that future examiners may be present at the voting as well.