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Having a child while studying

Talking to a student advisor is always a good idea if you become a parent while studying at ITU.

The student advisors can help you plan and structure your studies in order for you to find the balance between life as a parent and life as a student.

Study on special terms

Being a new parent, you may study on special terms that enable you to concentrate on your newborn while also being study active to the extent manageable. You can:

  • choose whether or not you want to be an inactive, partly, or fully active student and receive normal SU grants. Please consult the Study and Career Guidance if you have questions concerning these 3 options.
  • receive extra SU grants in connection with the birth. 

If you are the mother, you can study on special terms for 12 months. The period can start two months before the official due date.

If you are the father, you can study on special terms for 6 months. The period can start when your child is born, and must be completed before the child is one and a half years old. 

How to apply

In order to apply to study on special terms because of childbirth, you must send an email to Here you let us know how you have chosen to divide your time according to studies and maternity. Use the form: Other exemptions.

If you have chosen to be partly active, please specify how many ECTS you are going to be taking, and in which semesters. We need to make sure that your registration for courses are in order.

If you are the mother, you must enclose the medical record (vandrejournal) or birth certificate.

If you are the father, you must enclose a birth certificate or paternity certificate.

You should also enclose a Study Plan (word or pdf) showing how your new schedule will look.

Remember the Study Plan is only a helping tool for you to have an overview and a plan for the coming semesters. You yourself will have to register for all courses and projects. Be extra aware of your registrations, so if something looks wrong, contact SAP so your registrations can be corrected in due time. 

SU and childbirth

You can apply for extra SU if you become a parent while studying. Read more about SU and extra SU.

Remember to check your ITU-mail

Also remember that even when studying on special terms due to maternity, we expect you to check your ITU-mail regularly. You also still need to be aware of the registration period, so you will not miss out on courses you are going to follow.