Atriumboks smal


There are printers on all floors for printing, photocopying and scanning to mail. In case of errors on printer or your access card, please report to Facilities Management (FM) through


How to print 

When using the printers, you will need to use your access card by swiping it over the card reader located on the right side of the printer screen.


A4:  0.75 DKK/page
A3: 1.50 DKK/page
When printing on both sides the price is doubled.
Using the machines for scanning to mail or FTP is free.


It is possible to transfer additional cash to your printer account. To do show, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your ITU username (without '' and only lower case letters) and password
  3. Choose "Manage Account"
  4. Choose "Top up!"
  5. Fill in the desired amount and choose "Next"
  6. Fill in your card details and confirm payment

Any unused credits at the end of a study programme can be refunded. However, unused credits less than 200 DKK will not be refunded.

Contact Facilities Management to transfer your unused credits to a new access card or to make them create an alumnus card.

Study- and Intro Guides can get additional prints by getting approval from their department.

In case of approved extension of a semester or when being issued a new card in response to a lost card the remaining credits will be transferred to the new access card.


If you have any complications after installing the printers, try troubleshooting