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In terms of administration, the thesis is almost like any other project at ITU. When writing your thesis, you must therefore follow the general guidelines for projects concerning how to register for a projectfinding a supervisor and project goals.

Especially for KDDIT and DIM: the supervisor will be allocated on the basis of student wishes and the availability of the supervisors in question.
Unless if you are on DIM and are writing your Thesis in the Autumn. Then you will have to find a supervisor yourself. 

Below, you can find more specific information about the thesis.

When can you start your thesis?

The master thesis must conclude your study programme and show that you have the required academic skills in applying scientific theories and methods. You can register for 7,5 ECTS in the same semester as you write your thesis. 

Please note that the thesis must be placed in the final year of your master programme. This means that you must have passed 60 ECTS before registering for your thesis. 

Ideally, your thesis should be placed in the final semester, however sometimes it will be necessary to take any remaining ECTS in the following semester.

What happens if you have not yet passed 60 ECTS?
If you have not passed 60 ECTS when you register for your thesis, the system will automatically reject your registration. SAP then looks at how many ECTS you are about to pass to check if you will reach the 60 ECTS after the current exams and before starting your thesis. 
  • If SAP assesses that you are in the final year of your master programme, your registration will be (administratively) approved. Please check "My Study Activities". 
  • If SAP assesses that you are not in the final year of your master programme, we will send you an email regarding this. You then have the option to apply for an exemption if you can document any special circumstances which require you to register for your thesis before the final year of your study programme. 

Read more about exemptions here


Remember to register for your thesis in the registration period. Also be aware of the deadline for submitting the project agreement to the Board of studies. You submit in the project base via the project agreement. Also remember to upload the supervision agreement (former thesis plan) in LearnIT. See for details below.

Find the submission deadlines in the Semester overview under Your Programme.

Sending in a supervision agreement 

The supervision agreement is an optional supplement to the project agreement. We strongly recommend you fill in both agreements. 

  1. Sit down together with your supervisor and be sure to talk about the practicalities (for example communication, meeting frequency, other obligations, need for deadlines) and topics closer to your project (for example types of supervisor input, reading and feedback). 
  2. Fill in the supervision agreement together with your supervisor in the very beginning of the project.
  3. Post the supervision agreement in your project folder in LearnIT:
    • Open Discussion Forum
    • Click "Add a new discussion topic"
    • Write supervision agreement in the "Subject" field
    • Attach the completed supervision agreement
    • Click "Post to forum"
  4. If changes are required at some point during the project, you can add a new discussion topic with an updated file.

Find the template here: Supervision agreement (Word) , Supervision agreement (pdf)

Deadline supervision agreement

Save the supervision agreement in LearnIT once the project folder opens - at the latest after second meeting with your supervisor.

Meetings with your supervisor

You and your supervisor should meet at least once a month. Make sure your plan includes some milestones (at least one per month) to enable you and your supervisor to discover early if your plan is about to slip.


You must include an abstract in your thesis. If the thesis is in Danish, the abstract must be in English. If the thesis is in English, you can write the abstract in either Danish or English.

Deadlines for submission

You can see the deadlines for submission of the thesis under Submission deadlines.

Regarding exam and submission

Click for information about the Thesis exam, re-exam and deadline postponement due to illness.