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Exam Assignment

A course exam can consist of an exam assignment alone, or of an assignment followed by an oral exam.

Please check the course description in LearnIT for more information about your exam assignment.

Whether the course exam includes an oral exam or not, the assignment must be submitted in learnIT and all exam assignments must include a front page with the following information:

  • Course titel / Project titel
  • Course code (e.g. 1408003U, 1012001U etc.)
  • The names of all students submitting the assignment
  • ITU-email for all students submitting the assignment (e.g.

Size of the exam assignment

The recommendations for exam assignments in courses do not differ much from projects in terms of size. Read more about workload and project size.

The difference is more in scope of the subject; it is often specified beforehand by the course teacher whether production is a part of the project, and how much emphasis this should be given.

The size of an exam assignment in a course can be assessed from the weight in relation to the full course ECTS. Typically, a 15 ECTS course entails an exam assignment that can be assessed to some fraction of the full activity weight.

If, for example, the weight of the exam assignment is set to 7,5 ECTS of the 15 ECTS course, the size and scope can be assumed to be that of a 7,5 ECTS project. Assignment sizes in other distributions can be made from this basis.