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Bachelor Project

The Bachelor project follows the general rules that apply when writing a project. For information on this, please read the pages concerning register for a projectfinding a supervisor and project goals.

Especially for BDDIT and GBI: the supervisor will be allocated on the basis of student wishes and the availability of the supervisors in question.
Unless if you are on GBI and are writing your project in the Autumn. Then you will have to find a supervisor yourself. 

Below, you can find more specific information about the bachelor project.

When to write the bachelor project

Normally, you write your bachelor project on your 6th semester, as you can see in the contents of your programme overview.

In certain cases - e.g. if you have not been able to pass 30 ECTS each semester - you might have to consider writing the project in another semester. However, you must have passed 120 ECTS before you can register for the bachelor project.

How to get started

  1. You start up a bachelor project like any other project. You register for the project in My Study Activities
  2. When registering you enter a title for your project. You also supply with information about your project and supervisor, if possible. For more information about finding a supervisor, go to: The project supervisor
  3. Your registration will generate a project page for you in LearnIT. This is where your problem statement needs to be submitted and where you submit the final project.
  4. You can add your problem statement until the deadline: Friday in week 8 / 38
  5. In the very beginning of the project, we recommend that you also make a supervision agreement together with your supervisor. 

You can read more about how you register here and read more about the project page here

Find advice and guidance relating to writing a project under Study and Career Guidance - Thesis and projects

Find advice on exams here


You must include an abstract in your bachelor project. If the bachelor project is in Danish, the abstract must be in English. If the bachelor project is in English, you can write the abstract in either Danish or English.

Submission deadlines

See the Submission deadlines by following this link.