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Your supervisor and supervision

When you have settled on a supervisor or had a supervisor allocated, then the project and your collaboration can take form.
Getting of to a good start is important and setting up a productive framework can make all the difference for your project work.

Supervision agreement

The supervision agreement is optional, but we strongly recommend you initiate and settle a plan in writing for supervision with your supervisor so both you and your supervisor have a fixed point for the process.

An important part of the supervision agreement is the alignment of expectations between you and your supervisor: how you want to frame your cooperation. Alignment is key to making your project and supervision process successful. This is what the supervision agreement is for.

Download the supervision agreement and bring it to one of the first meetings with your supervisor to talk about the practicalities of supervision (for example communication method, meeting frequency, other obligations, deadlines etc.) and topics closer to your project (for example types of supervisor input, reading and feedback).

If you save the agreed Supervision Agreement on your project page, both you, all students in your project group and your supervisor have access to the agreement and can agree to modify it anytime.

What to do

Find the template for the Supervision agreement here

There is no deadline for the supervision agreement, but we recommend you and your supervisor write it at your first or second meeting.

To be able to write in the Word document all you need to do is to click on 'Enable editing' once you have opened it.

You post the supervision agreement in LearnIT:

  • Go to your project page in LearnIT
  • Open Discussion Forum
  • Click "Add a new discussion topic"
  • Write supervision agreement in the "Subject" field
  • Attach the completed supervision agreement
  • Click "Post to forum" If changes are required at some point during the project, you can add a new discussion topic with an updated file.

If you are writing a group project, you complete one Supervision Agreement for the entire group.

Topics to discuss

You are free to discuss any topics that are important for you. Remember that the agreement is a tool (not a contract), to make sure that your expectations are aligned with your supervisor’s expectations and as thus becomes a live document. See below for inspiration and remember the list is not exhaustive at all.SAP will then contact the current supervisor to verify the change and add and inform the new supervisor.

  • Who is responsible for time management?
  • Which methods will you learn to use?
  • What is the level of expertise of the supervisor within the area of the project?
  • Will you need access to data, equipment, technical assistance etc.?
  • Will other researchers at ITU than your supervisor or external collaborators be involved in the project? 
    • If yes, is there a need for a collaboration agreement? 

  • Who will initiate the meetings?
  • Will all the meetings be face-to-face?
  • Where will the meetings take place?
  • Will the meetings be informal meetings or formal meetings with minutes on decisions?
  • What are the mutual expectations regarding preparation, input, outcome and follow up?
  • Are there any dates not suitable for supervision?
  • Are there any periods where you or your supervisor are unavailable due to conferences, holiday or other? 

  • How will your supervisor give feedback (face-to-face or email)?
  • To which extent do you need feedback on the progress and quality of the work?
  • What will the level of criticism be?
  • What will the type and level of supervisor involvement in writing be? 

  • Is there a need for deadlines?
  • Will the primary contact be by email, sms or other?
  • What will the response time be on e-mails, documents etc.?
  • What is your ambition?
  • What kind of input will the supervisor provide (literature, design, contacts etc.)?
  • Are there any circumstances in your life that can influence the project (care-giving responsibility, part-time job, health issues, disabilities or other)?
  • Is there a need to take measures to balance project and private life?
  • What is the plan for ongoing evaluation of the collaboration and agreement?
  • What to do in case of conflict or misunderstanding between you and your supervisor? 

Adding a supervisor 

If you need to add a supervisor to your project, you must write to

Changing supervisor after the project period has started

If you wish to change your supervisor, you should

  • first enter into a discussion with your current supervisor
  • make an agreement in writing with your new supervisor
  • inform about the change.