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ITU Travel pool

The travel pool is ITU’s own pool supporting the transportation expenses of students. You can apply for the Travel Pool (Rejsepuljen) in connection with transportation expenses related to studying abroad, conferences, seminars or transportation in relation to a master thesis/final project/project abroad or in Denmark.


The Travel Pool is allocated based on the following criteria

  • Only those studying actively at the IT University are entitled to receive funding.
  • Students may only receive funding from the Travel Pool once per calendar year.
  • If the transport expenses are less than 1250 DKK, the student cannot receive funding.
  • The maximal funding is 50% of the applied amount with a maximum of 2500 DKK.

How to apply

To be considered, please fill in the application form. In your application you must include:

  • A motivational letter with arguments for the relevance of your travels in relation to your study progress up until now and your future study plan
  • Documentation for the relevant expenses, e.g. by attaching your ticket and receipt, or a screen dump showing the estimated price on the airfare.

If studying abroad also include: 

  • The acceptance letter from the university you will study at
  • A pre-approval of courses

If you are not going to study abroad also include either:

  • A recommendation from a faculty member, that states the relevance of your travel in relation to your studies or
  • Confirmation of your participation in an event (conference, seminar etc.) or other similar documentation.

Your application cannot be processed before we have received all the required documentation. You must send the application with the relevant enclosures by email to the IT University of Copenhagen,  


You must always hand in your application prior to your travels. Applications are considered two times a year (i.e. 1 May and 1 October). 

The funding for the travel pool is limited and applicants are therefore not guaranteed support. All applications will be evaluated individually. You cannot apply as a group of students.

To finally receive the grant you must send us:

  • All original travel documentation for your actual expenses in DKK.
    • If you travel by airplane, it is important that you save your ticket and boarding passes.
  • A travel report about your stay. It will be published on ITUstudent for inspiration to other students. Find templates here.
  • A copy of the letter of nomination for the grant.

If studying abroad:

  • a copy of your transcript

Be aware that you will only get your grant after having finished your travels and after having sent the travel report by email to and handed in/sent the above-mentioned documents.