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Changing a Registration

When the period starts, the course list in My Study Activities will show courses that are allowed on your programme and that still has available seats.

The list is updated in real time, so once a course is full, it will disappear from the list. In the same way it will reappear if there are suddenly available seats again.

You can only cancel an administrative registration if you want to exchange it for a mandatory course that you have not passed on a previous semester.

How to change a registration:

  1. Log on to My Study Activities and register for the study activity/activities you want. Your registration may not be approved at this point because you do not have room in your curriculum for the extra study activity or because you exceed the registration limit of 37,5 ECTS.
  2. Right after this, you must send an email to telling us what you have registered for and which registration(s) you want us to cancel. You cannot cancel registrations yourself in My Study Activities. 

Remember to use your ITU-email.

If the courses that you have tried to register for can be included in your curriculum, Student Affairs and Programmes will approve the desired study activities and cancel the other registrations.

Be aware
Even if you managed to register for the course, because it was on the list of available electives, if the registration is rejected, it needs to be handled by SAP, before the registration is final. So do send the email in direct continuation of your registration.

We will handle all emails in the order they were received.

If you want to cancel a registration

If you want to cancel a registration during this period, simply send an email to saying what study activity you want to de-register from. Remember to use your ITU-email, and remember that you must meet your registration requirement at all times.

If you want to add courses to your registration list

You can add courses in My Study Activities yourself, but you cannot exceed the registration limit of 37,5 ECTS.

Binding registration for study activities

After the period for changing registrations has ended (se above), your registration is binding. This means that you have to conclude the course or project and sit for the examination.