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GDPR awareness course

If you are writing a project (eg. Bachelor project or master’s thesis) or you have a student job, where you need to handle personal and sensitive data, then the GDPR rules can seem overwhelming to get a hold on.

With that in mind we wanted to lighten the burden for you and share some general and important guidelines.

Online GDPR course
At ITU we now offer a voluntary online GDPR course to all students who want to learn how to protect, store and handle personal data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation law. 

The course consists of two sections and a final test. In the first section, Theory, you learn about the rules and various concepts. In the second section, Cases, you can test your newfound knowledge by going through various scenarios using examples. 

Once you have completed the two sections, you can proceed to the final test. When you've passed the test, you can print out a certificate of completion, which confirms that you have passed the course.