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The project page

Your project registration in My Study Activities generates a page in learnIT for your project or thesis to which you and your supervisor have access. Your project page will appear in LearnIT before 20 January (for Spring semester) / 1 July (for Autumn semester).

Please Note:
If your project is cancelled or pushed the project page will be shut down. If you need your work for later, you need to save and store it yourself.

Preliminary problem statement

The preliminary problem statement is where you zoom in on the scope of your project, giving a more precise description of your subject area, topic, hypothesis etc. Your supervisor must approve your problem statement and thereby also agree to supervise your project.

After your supervisor approve your preliminary problem statement, it cannot be edited on the project page. However, you can still elaborate on it in the actual project. The preliminary problem statement will not be part of the assessment of your project.

Therefore, your preliminary problem statement needs to be generic enough to allow for your scope to change as the project progresses, while at the same time be specific enough for your supervisor to be able to assess and approve of the scope of the project.

This description is also used in the process of allocating an external examiner for your oral exam (where applicable). Therefore, we recommend that you spend some time to work on the preliminary problem statement before submitting.

Deadline - Preliminary problem statement

Elective projects, Bachelor projects and Thesis:
Friday in week 5 (for Spring) / 35 (for Autumn)

Research project (CS, DS & SD):
Friday in week 8 (for Spring) / 39 (for Autumn)

Summer project:
Friday week 26

Project agreements have a deadline running until 14:00 on the date given above.

Project title

The title you registered in My Study Activities is the name of the project page and the default project title which will go on your diploma. To change the title of your project, you must write to and they will be happy to change the title for you. SAP will not be able to change the title of your project page, but only change the project title as it will appear on your diploma.

Please note, the title cannot be changed once you have submitted your project. 

Submitting the project

Projects are submitted on the project page, similar to course exams. See how to submit written work. Submission deadlines can be found here.

When set, you can find the time and date for the oral exam in the calendar function on the project page.

For more details on formal requirements for projects, see this overview Project work