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Information Security

The overall purpose of Information Security is to ensure that staff and students can deliver the required results with high quality and efficiency in their use of IT.

The goal is achieved by

Ensuring ACCESSIBILITY by a stable operating level
Goal: High uptime percentages and a minimised risk of major breakdowns and loss of data

Ensuring INTEGRITY by correct system functioning
Goal: Minimised risk of manipulation of and errors in data as well as systems

Ensuring CONFIDENTIALITY by secure treatment of sensitive data
Goal: Confidential treatment, transmission and storage of data


Policy documents

The IT University of Copenhagen uses the following documents to give everyone knowledge regarding IT security:


Backup Policy

All students are responsible for backing up their own devices of their own accord. The IT Department does not provide a solution for student owned devices and cannot be held responsible for loss of data.

All students have access to several ITU student relevant systems such as LearnIT and GitHub.ITU. Data stored on systems managed by the IT Department, will be backed up as part of the IT Departments normal backup routine.


Handling of Confidential and Sensitive Personal Information

Read about the GDPR guidelines on the GDPR page.

Minimize the use and sharing of confidential and sensitive personal information in emails by AVOIDING:

  • Setting up automatic forwarding of emails to another account
  • Writing confidential and sensitive information in the “Subject” field in a mail or calendar invitation
  • Attaching documents containing confidential and sensitive personal information to a recipient.  
  • Adding large numbers of mail recipient in the “To” field – ITU encourage the use of the “BCC” field

Remember to:

  • Delete emails containing confidential and sensitive personal information no later than 30 days after receiving them
  • React if you receive an email containing confidential and sensitive personal information that is not meant for you, by:
    1. Notifying the sender, and
    2. Deleting the email


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