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Study Hacks

There isn´t just one way to tackle study motivation and study techniques, but we have tried to give you some inspirational Study Hacks that you can try out. Remember to get inspiration from your fellow students, so you can create study techniques that individually fit your work and learning process.


One thing is to study because you must, while it is something else entirely to study because you are motivated and can see the relevance of what you study.

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If you become aware of the different ways to take notes and you find the methods that matches your ways of studying – then you can save a lot of time  and at the same time remember a larger part of what you read.


As a students it is important to establish a normal workday, where you study from morning to afternoon - even if you do not have classes. Aside from your lectures and tutorials, you will need to read a lot of texts and prepare hand-ins or oral presentations.
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It is normal to feel like, that you are spending most of your time on studying, but if you become aware of the different ways that you "read" during your studysessions - then you can optimize your reading to free up more time.