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Study Activity requirements

It is the ECTS that counts

Notice that study activity is determined solely based on the amount of ECTS you have passed. Therefore, it does not matter if you are an active student in the sense that you attend classes , study a lot, etc. All that matters is the amount of ECTS you have passed. You must obtain 5 ECTS per 1 SU clip, you receive

Your study activity in terms of SU does not have anything to do with the requirements for progression laid down by the university either. This means that you can be considered an active student in terms of the university's requirements and not in terms of SU, and vice versa.

Study inactive

If you are considered study inactive, you must pass exams so that you are no longer behind by more than 6 or 12 months.

You must apply for SU again when you have passed enough ECTS to be considered an active student; your grants will not resume automatically.

You can see your own study activity (studiefremdrift) on MinSU using your MitID. Here you will find a visual co-ordinate system showing how many ECTS you have obtained and how many SU clips you have used. 
If you follow the black line you can see, whether you are delayed or not.

Below you can also see examples of the allowed delay in your studies.
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Students enrolled July 2016 and later - Allowed delay is 6 monthsStudieaktivitetsreglen 6 måneder

Students enrolled before July 2016 - Allowed delay is 12 monthsStudieaktivitet 12 måneders reglen