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Planning your time and studies

Planning your week can be a good and manageable tool for creating a better study structure or more free time. When planning your everyday life, it is important to consider both: study, possibly work / volunteer work and time for leisure. If you have planned breaks, then it´s easier to permit yourself free time, because it was already in the plan - so it can be a way to keep the bad conscience away.

It is important to remember to be realistic: do you have a difficult subject this semester that requires more preparation or are you going on a longer holiday (so you have to increase your preparation in the surrounding weeks?).

We are all creatures of habit, so it is important to stick to habits that are beneficial, but we also need to challenge ourselves and our way of “studying, so we can develop new beneficial habits!

You are the expert on your own life, so you already have a lot of experience in relation to what works best for you when you study and prepare for lectures. So it is important to think about the habits that already work for you and having the “guts” to try new things that could become a beneficial habit for you for example: studying at home vs. studying at a study hall (or library).

Finding the planning method that fits you takes time and therefore it also important that you try some different solutions - but once you break the code, the time used will be well spend! Keep in mind that there isn´t just one way to plan your time, so be adventurous and ask your peers about their experience.

We all keep on developing our ways of studying during our hole education – so nothing is set. We guarantee, that when you find a method that works for you, then the time will be well spend!


A time budget

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