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Project-related support and expenses

Some projects during your studies might implicate expenses for data collection and creation, physical or digital prototyping etc.,  

You cover the expenses
In general, expenses related to a project are covered by the student in the same way as course literature and other expenses related to taking a course are covered by the student. Your supervisor or ITU cannot cover your project-related expenses. You are encouraged to talk to your supervisor on how to avoid costs or to keep them low.   

However, you can get various project support at ITU:

Travel expenses 

For travel expenses above 1250 dkr. in relation to a master thesis/final project/project abroad or in Denmark, you can apply for funding at ITU Travel pool 

Equipment and resources 
It might be relevant for you to use the infrastructure, facilities, and project support offered by labs at ITU.  

  • You can use various equipment and hardware in the labs such as electronics components, sensors, actuators, 3D printers, VR headsets, and tools for hands-on fabrication. In some labs you can borrow equipment for home use as well.  
  • You can attend workshops and courses with anything from introduction to methods and methodologies to tips and tricks for high-quality prototyping.   
  • You can drop in during lab opening hours to find out more about which support and opportunities the lab offers in relation to your project. 

The resources, workshops, project support and stock of equipment in labs in relation to student projects differ so contact labs to hear more.
Find the labs here


Study and Career Guidance 
You are always welcome to contact the Study and Career Guidance if you need help or guidance on how to start a project or handle challenges arising during the project period: Contact the Study and Career Guidance.