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Stress and how to manage

How are you?

Student life can be overwhelming at times. Most students experience periods with very high intensity in their studies.In addition, a lot of students feels pressure and obligations in other parts of their lives, it can be in regard to family, social activities, student jobs, economy and mental as well as physical health.

Sometimes this pressure will have a negative impact on the overall wellbeing of students.

In the Study & Career Guidance we see a lot of students who are feeling stressed, most often for a combination of reasons.

When you are feeling stressed, the first thing you need to do, is to try to figure out what is contributing to the stress.

Different kinds of stress

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Short term stress

Stress is a natural biological mechanism that can help you cope in challenging situations.

It can be positive in small amounts, as it pushes you to perform and do your best for example during exams.

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Long term stress

Stress becomes negative when you feel like you can’t manage it. This happens when the pressure exceeds you resources over time.

This can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, and also affect your academic performance.

Example of stress triggers

What can you do

If your symptoms point towards negative stress, it is important to try to stop and figure out what is happening, and why you are feeling the way you are feeling.

Please try the exercise below, where you try to check in with yourself.

In any scenario big or small, you might find the resources below helpful.


2. Check out these helpful resources

A lot is on the market when it comes to stress management and other issues, that can have a mental impact on your study life.
We have gathered some links that might be helpful for you to go have a look at.

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Find tools and learn more about anxiety, depression, PTSD, loneliness, sleep, mindfulness and much more

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Has online ressources to strenghten the mental well-being of young people in Denmark. Learn more about anxiety and mindfulness

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SPS - special educational support

If you struggle with a physical or mental disability then it could be a good idea to check out if ITU can offer you some extra help.

Where to turn to for more help

If you feel like you are stressed to the point where you need help please contact one or more of the three mentioned below

You can always contact the Study and Career Guidance

The study and career guidance team

Seek advice and guidance

No matter what – always find someone to talk to about your struggles.
There are various things you can do depending on your situation and how you are feeling in general.

The student guidance counsellors at ITU can answer many of the questions and doubts you may have and talk to you about what is troubling you.