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A rope almost broken

LearnIT performance issues?

Unfortunately last exam period we experienced problems with LearnIT crashing.

We hope this will not be an issue again, but in the chance that it might, please follow the link for updates and what to do.


Registration for Autumn 2024 - all the updates

The registration period opens 31 May and closes 11 June

My study Activities isn't responding?
If My study activity crashes during the registration period, please see here
for how to act.

A new Normal
Remember you need to register for all your study activities yourself in My Study Activities. See for info here

Aligning with that the registration requirement will be discontinued and SAP will not follow up on your registrations.

You register according to your standard study structure, but please follow the link below for all the details.

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Schedules for Autumn 2024

The schedules for the Autumn 2024 courses are accessible in TimeEdit.

Make a search for the courses you want to check out or find a short cut for all the courses on your programme, via Your Programme / Weekly schedules here on ITU Student.

The exam schedule for Autumn 2024 is also available now in TimeEdit

Find the full course desrciptions in LearnIT in the course catalogue

News from ITU

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Read the Latest Version of readIT

Read the latest version of readIT, ITU's weekly newsletter. Here you will find news about your Study, news from and about ITU, events that might be of interest and much more. It will arrive in your inbox each Monday at 8.00. You can also find it here.

Poster Europe's Digital Future

ITU to host political debate

We are happy to announce that ITU will be hosting a public debate in relation to the coming elections for the European Parlament - and you are invited!

The debate will focus on Europe's digital future, from AI to climate action and digital sovereignty.and feature candidates from across the political spectrum.

The event (which will be in Danish) will take place on Tuesday, 28 May, 15.00-16.00 in Auditorium 0.

Participation is free - and everyone is welcome! Seats are limited, so please arrive early to secure your spot.

Diversity of students

Here to Help!

The new student aimed campaign Here to Help is intended to promote ITU’s values of inclusivity and mutual respect.

Students are encouraged to reach out to The Study and Career Guidance if they have experienced harassment or discrimination or if they have experienced behaviour that has made them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

It goes without saying that no one should behave in a way that offends, intimidates, or is humiliating to others.

If you see or experience anything like that we are Here to help!

Different leaves in different colours

Diversity and Inclusion

We want all students to feel welcomed and included at ITU.

If you experience discrimination or harassment of any kind, it is important that you know how you can act upon it. Find out what to do by clicking on the policies.

We have policies on both Sexual harassment, Code of Conduct and Gender equality here

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