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Information about Coronavirus

ITU acts in accordance with the Danish Health Authorities’ recommendations regarding the coronavirus and asks everyone to do the same. The management is attentive to changes in the health authorities recommendations and urges everyone to keep themselves updated on coronasmitte.dk. Also see the FAQ about ITU and the current situation.

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Study News

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The course schedules are available - Autumn 2021

You can see the course schedules for Autumn 2021 in TimeEdit.

Remember when looking at electives for Autumn 2021, you can choose the filter: Elective to and then choose your own programme. The list will then show the electives approved for your programme.

Be aware that you still need to look at the prerequisites, and critically think through, if you will be able to follow and complete the course.

The Exam schedule will be available in TimeEdit May 18.

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IT HelpDesk Design Challenge

Win a pair of good headphones!

Covid-19 regulations have highlighted existing challenges in the access and use of the IT HelpDesk space, with resulting difficulties for the staff working there.
Join the IT HelpDesk Design Challenge and propose new solutions to enhance the service experience for all!

All ITU students can participate in groups of max. 4 students. Each member of the winning team will receive a pair of good headphones!

Deadline: 30th May 2021

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Register for Autumn courses and Summer University

The registration period for the next semester and Summer University is
June 1 - June 10.
You can easily sign up in MyStudyActivities.

After the registration period ends, SAP will allocate the course seats.

You do not need to contact SAP, if your registration is rejected. We will look at all rejected registrations and either fix it or contact you.

News from ITU

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Read the Latest Version of readIT

Read the latest version of readIT, ITU's weekly newsletter. Here you will find news about your Study, news from and about ITU, events that might be of interest and much more. It will arrive in your inbox each Monday at 8.00. You can also find it here.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We want all students to feel welcomed and included at ITU.

We have policies on both Sexual harassment and Code of Conduct.

If you experience discrimination or harassment of any kind, it is important that you know how you can act upon it.

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Access to ITU - How to book

ITU Campus is now open, but still in a very restricted way.

To be able to enter you need to have a booking for a room/lab and a valid COVID-19 passport.

All requirements and detailed guidelines to be followed are listed in the FAQ.

Here you can also find the information on how to book a room or a lab.

You can only book for weekdays - weekends and holidays Campus is closed.

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We are still here

We know that many of you may struggle during these special times.

Therefore, check out the Activities the Study and Career Guidance are offering to support you.

If you are experiencing stress symptoms, lack of motivation, loneliness etc. please do not hesitate to contact the Study and Career Guidance

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