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Need special conditions for your re-exam?

If you failed one of your Spring semester exams and you are in need of special conditions for the re-exam, then be aware of the deadline for applying.

The deadline is July 10.

Follow this link to learn more about SPS (Special pedagogical support)

For information on how to apply for special examination conditions follow the direct link at the bottom

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We are approaching the Summer Holiday and Student Affairs and Programmes will have limited opening hours for a longer period of time

Even though the offices are closed for personal requests, you can still reach us by phone or e-mail.

Check the Opening hours here

The SAPfront office
The Study and Career Guidance.

We will tend to answer e-mails all through the period, but not on a daily basis.

We wish you a great Summer!

Maybe we will see you for Summer University!

Otherwise see you back at ITU in week 35

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The registration period for Autumn 2024 has ended

Thank you for registering and taking in all these new elements regarding the mandatory courses, an unstable system and last but not least the requirement for a VPN-connection when accessing My Study Activities.

It is really not meant to be easy apparently 😉

The registration team will now process all the registrations and start the allocation of course seats.

No later than July 1 the allocation of course seats will be over and you can see your registrations in My Study Activities.

If you forgot to register you will be able to register or change your registrations in the registration change period in week 35 and 36.

News from ITU

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Read the Latest Version of readIT

Read the latest version of readIT, ITU's weekly newsletter. Here you will find news about your Study, news from and about ITU, events that might be of interest and much more. It will arrive in your inbox each Monday at 8.00. You can also find it here.

Data visualization comptetition

Data visualization competition

Have you been contemplating to share your visualization? Well now you have more time to do so!

Individuals and groups are still invited to share their data visualizations and compete with their peers! The top 5 visualizations will be displayed across ITU and great prizes for their efforts!

The new submission deadline is June 14th 23:59

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VPN-connection to access My Study Activities

Important Notice

If you are not at ITU you will need to be on a VPN-connection to access My Study Activities.

If you haven't already set up a VPN-connection, you will need to.

If you are at ITU you can access without VPN!

follow the link below for how to set it up.

Diversity of students

Here to Help!

The new student aimed campaign Here to Help is intended to promote ITU’s values of inclusivity and mutual respect.

Students are encouraged to reach out to The Study and Career Guidance if they have experienced harassment or discrimination or if they have experienced behaviour that has made them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

It goes without saying that no one should behave in a way that offends, intimidates, or is humiliating to others.

If you see or experience anything like that we are Here to help!

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