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Need to apply for special conditions for your exam?

October 1 is the application deadline for special conditions for your exams.

If you have a temporary or permanent disability, then this is an opportunity to get the right conditions for your exams.

You apply by booking a meeting with a SPS adviser.

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Don’t get lost in GDPR! We have the short cut for you

It can be a jungle to navigate the requirements of The General Data Protection Regulations, but it is extremely important for you as a student to know how to retrieve, handle and store data.

Keep reading by following the link below and finish by taking the online GDPR course we offer.

The way forward will be smooth hiking from then on 😊

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If you are required to show your diploma...

John and Ditte will be in the little office at the SAPfront desk on these dates between

September 12
September 20
September 28

This is only relevant for newly admitted students for the MSc programmes with an international exam

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Wicked Rabbit in the ITU Canteen

Since August 1, the canteen operator Compass Group, who also runs canteens on KUA, has been responsible for serving lunch in the ITU Canteen.

They serve primarily vegetarian food but also dishes with meat.

Find out more about the new canteen in this interview.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We want all students to feel welcomed and included at ITU.

If you experience discrimination or harassment of any kind, it is important that you know how you can act upon it. Find out what to do by clicking on the policies.

We have policies on both Sexual harassment, Code of Conduct and Gender equality here


Reach out to ITUs Committee for Diversity and Inclusion

As part of ITU’s gender equality action plan, the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion has recently opened a new mailbox intended to further the dialogue within the organisation, open the committee to input from the ITU community, and ensure greater transparency.

Head of HR, Kirsten Uldall Juhl, explains the new initiative in a recent interview made.

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Information about Coronavirus

Covid-19 is no longer considered a public heath issue and from February 1 2022 the restrictions was lifted.

ITU acts in accordance with the Danish Health Authorities’ recommendations regarding the coronavirus. The Latest News feature has been closed for now!

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