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Academic quarter

In TimeEdit, lectures and exercises are scheduled for whole hours but the average duration of a “teaching hour” is 50 minutes.

From Autumn 2022, teachers are expected to begin the class 15 minutes after the hour (and end on the dot), to ensure a smooth transition between classes.

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Need to register or to change your registrations?

All through week 35 and 36 you can make changes to your registrations. The period closes September 11.

Remember to write an email to sap right after you have registered, if you need us to cancel a course you are already registered.

The new registration can only come into effect, when the cancellation has been made by sap.

All registrations are binding after week 36.

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Explore the world with ITU

The application deadline for exchange in spring 2023 is September 1 2022

Open Office
If you have any questions you can come by and have a chat with the International coordinator during late August

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News from ITU

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Read the Latest Version of readIT

Read the latest version of readIT, ITU's weekly newsletter. Here you will find news about your Study, news from and about ITU, events that might be of interest and much more. It will arrive in your inbox each Monday at 8.00. You can also find it here.

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Opening hours during Summer

From week 27 Student Affairs and Programmes and the Study & Career Guidance are running with Summer opening hours. You can still reach us by e-mail and phone but check the contact information here on ITU student before you contact us to make sure that we are open.

We wish you a safe and happy Summer!

See for the Study and Career Guidance

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Diversity and Inclusion

We want all students to feel welcomed and included at ITU.

If you experience discrimination or harassment of any kind, it is important that you know how you can act upon it. Find out what to do by clicking on the policies.

We have policies on both Sexual harassment and Code of Conduct.

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Free Microsoft Office for All Students

The IT Department now offers staff and students free Microsoft Office software. The software includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and One Note. You can freely use the license on up to five devices.

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Information about Coronavirus

Covid-19 is no longer considered a public heath issue and from February 1 the restrictions was lifted.

ITU acts in accordance with the Danish Health Authorities’ recommendations regarding the coronavirus. Please see the FAQ about ITU and the current situation concerning Covid-19. The Latest News feature has been closed for now!

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