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If you have resigned from an education that you now wish to resume, you can apply for re-enrolment.

You can only apply for re-enrolment in the newest curriculum of the study programme. If the programme has changed significantly or is not offered any longer, you might not be able to re-enrol in the programme. Please note, it is not possible to re-enrol in a dimensioned programme (BSc DDIT, MSc DDIT and Games).

All re-enrolments will come into effect by semester start - last Monday of August.

Conditions for re-enrolment

  • You must meet the current admission requirements for the education for which you are applying for re-enrolment. See the requirements for BSc and the requirements for MSc.
  • You can only apply for re-enrolment to the same programme on which you were originally enrolled.
  • You must have passed the first two semesters of the programme according to the current curriculum. 
  • You can be re-enrolled 5 months after you withdrew from the university at the earliest.
  • There must be vacant study places on the study programme.
  • You can apply for re-enrolment up to 5 years after you have withdrawn from your education.

    How to apply

    Send an email to and inform us that you want to apply for re-enrolment.
    In the email you:
    • State which programme you are applying to be re-enrolled in.
    • Explain what and how the circumstances have changed and why you now want to resume your studies.
    • Your must submit documentation to support your explanation.
    • Make a realistic study plan, in which you explain how you expect to complete your course of study if you are re-enrolled.

    We recommend that you get help from The Study and Career Guidance to make a realistic plan. You can use a template for the Study Plan (word or pdf).

    Remember to submit all relevant documentation to the email.