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If you are considering to withdraw and thereby end your studies at ITU, please carefully think through if you need to contact the Study and Career Guidance beforehand.

There is no guarantee you can be re-enrolled at a later point, so talking to someone about your situation might be very helpful.

How to withdraw

You send a request for withdrawal from My Study Activities. Look under Adresses / Enrolment. 

You fill in the requested information by ticking of your programme and adding a date and reason for your withdrawal.

We will send a confirmation to your ITU e-mail, when your request has been processed and your withdrawal has been completed.

Please consider this

The date you choose for your withdrawal can have impact on issues related to both exams and SU. We have listed the most important things for you to just have in mind when setting the date for your withdrawal.

  • Once you withdraw from your studies, your registrations for exams, scheduled after the date of your withdrawal are cancelled.
  • Only exam attempts before the withdrawal date are graded. If you have not been graded for all the activities, you completed, please await the grades before you withdraw.

  • If you withdraw from your enrolment on the first day of the month, you are not entitled to SU that month.  
  • If you withdraw on the second day or later, of the month, you are entitled to SU that month.
  • If you withdraw in the last half of the month, the SU payment for the following month is likely to have been generated already, and you might have to refund SU for that month.  
  • If you end your studies at ITU because you are admitted to another study somewhere else, please remember to apply for SU again.   


After 30 days from the termination of your studies your ITU-mail will close down, as will your access to all other ITU platforms that require your login.

Remember to download and save all the information you might need access to at a later point, before everything is closed down.