Exam Hacks

Different exams - different ways to prepare

At the IT University, you can experience a number of different exam forms, either oral, written or a combination. Depending on the type of exam, you need to prepare in different ways. 

The overall goal with an exam is to test the boundaries of your knowledge and your newly acquired competences in order to grade you. 

We have gathered some advice to help you stay motivated and to support you in preparing for your different exams.

Good advice fore your exam preparation

How are you evaluated

During an exam, you are evaluated on your ability to fulfill the course goals, and to what extent you are able to meet them in a satisfactory way.

The examiners will base the assessment on an overall evaluation, where your performance is looked upon in its entirety.

Your examiner and the external examiner will do this based on the Intended Learning Outcomes of the course. 

See for information about the Intended Learning Outcomes here below.

Intended learning outcomes (SOLO taxonomy)

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What is the Intended learning outcomes

The Intended learning outcomes are the objectives and goals in the course and are defined by the SOLO taxonomy. Read more
This taxonomy divides a number of verbs into four levels that are each individually increasing in difficulty.
For example, "identify" is placed on a lower level than "reflect", which indicates how you need a better understanding of the course content in order to be able to reflect upon it. Read more

In many ways they are a useful way to understand what you are expected to be able to do at an exam.

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How to use the Intended Learning outcomes

Since the Intended learning outcomes are used to determine your grade at the exam, you can use them in your exam preparation.
Use them as a guide to indicate what level you are supposed to be able to understand the course content. Are you supposed to be able to analyse a problem, or is it enough for you to be able to describe it?

If you are able to fulfill all the Intended learning outcomes successfully, you will receive the grade 12. This goes for both oral exams, written exams and exam assignments. They are defined in the course description in the course catalogue.

How to prepare for your oral exam