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Course re-exam and re-submission

First attempt

If you fail the ordinary exam, you will have used one exam attempt.

Second exam attempt

If the ordinary exam after the course was your first exam attempt, you will be registered for the second exam attempt in the re-exam period.

Third exam attempt

If your second exam attempt was in the re-exam period, you must register for the course again in the registration period.

Read more about registering for study activities.

You then have to follow the course and pass any contingent mandatory activities in order to participate in the exam (your third attempt) in the following exam period in December/January or May/June. 

If the ordinary exam in December/January or May/June is your second exam attempt for the course, you must register for the re-exam by sending an email to

The deadline to register for re-exams following courses in Autumn 2020, is February 10 2021 at 14:00.

(Re)Submission of exam assignment

If an exam assignment was part of the exam form for the course and you did not submit your exam assignment for the ordinary exam or you failed the exam, you need to (re)submit the exam assignment on the set date.

See the deadline for submitting re-exam assignments.

Consider this

If you submitted an assignment for your first exam attempt, you have three options for your subsequent re-exam attempt:

  1. You can re-submit the exact same exam assignment
  2. You can continue working on the same assignment and submit a revised version
  3. You can write a completely new exam assignment

Which option is best in your particular case might depend on the reason you have to do a re-exam in the first place. If you are unsure which option is best for you, you should talk to the course manager about it.

If your second attempt is in the ordinary exam period, you need to consult with the course manager if a re-submission is possible. The courses can change and in some cases you will need to follow the course again, complete all mandatory assignments and write a new exam assignment.

Bear in mind that the rules take into account that the failed examination may be caused by not submitting an assignment at all (i.e. the deadline was overdue). In this case you follow the same guidelines as described above and submit your assignment for the re-exam. 

Re-exam form

As a general rule the exams in the re-exam period will have the same form as the ordinary exam, but this is not always the case. If the exam form for your course changes, you will be notified by email no later than a week before the exam.

Re-exam periods

For more information about dates and deadlines please see the semester overview under Your Programme and keep an eye on your email.
For dates on oral re-exams you will be notified by email. Otherwise see Submission Deadlines.


If you have submitted a group assignment for the ordinary exam, and one or more of the group members passed, you can still submit the same assignment for the re-exam, but you cannot make any changes to it.

If you choose to write and submit a new assignment, you can put the first assignment in an appendix to the re-exam assignment, and refer to or quote from it, as you would with texts in the bibliography.