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At the IT University of Copenhagen you are offered an email with your initials followed by "" using Microsoft Office 365. You can access your email through:

Your Microsoft Office 365 email account comes with the following standard limits: 

  • 50 GB email and calendar storage
  • 25 MB size limit per email
  • 125 attachments limit per email
  • 255 characters subject limit
  • 500 recipients limit per email (To, Cc and Bcc)
  • Maximum 30 emails sent per minute

Set up your email on your phone

Having trouble?

If you are having trouble logging in to the Outlook Webmail you should either use private browsing or clear your cookies. 
You can find general guides for Microsoft Office support here

Be aware 

Be aware that there is no traditional backup of emails in Microsoft Office 365. When you delete an email it is automatically moved to your "Deleted items" folder. Do not use this as a way of archiving your emails as this folder has a 30 days retention policy. This means, that all emails in the folder will automatically be deleted after 30 days. Mails that are deleted from "Deleted items" will be hold in retention for 14 days before they are permanently deleted. During this period you will be able to restore your deleted emails by right-clicking "Deleted items" and selecting "Recover deleted items". Note that this only works in the Office 365 Webmail, not in your Outlook client.

Termination of Email Account

After you graduate, we can guarantee you 30 days with access to your ITU mail and other digital services such as learnIT. You therefore need to export or download any emails or data you wish to save within that timeline. When your access has closed, we cannot help you retrieve your data.  

Remove your ITU account from your mobile device