Atriumboks smal

How to register

You register for a course at Summer University from December 1 - December 10 in My Study Activities along with the registration for courses for the Spring semester.

Remember that you can only register for one course at Summer University pr. year.

If there are still seats left you will be able to register for Summer University from June 1 - June 10, 2023

First and second priorities

You are able prioritize courses at Summer University

Your choice of second priority course will only be taken into consideration, if you are not awarded a seat in the course that you have given first priority.

Still seats available?

If there are still seats left on some of the courses for Summer University, the registration will open again June 1 - June 10.

We will know after May 14, which courses has seats available.

Please keep updated >here< (when ready) about seats available in relation to registering in June.

Be aware that you can not deregister a Summer University course during that period.