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How to apply for an Exemption

If you wish to apply for an exemption to deviate from existing rules, you must send your application to Student Affairs & Programmes. Below you will find guidelines for how to apply and how to document your situation.

The recipient of your application for exemption generally does not know what you are applying for. To avoid doubt, it is very important that you clearly specify exactly what you want to be exempted from.

Please have a careful look at the Exemptions page before applying.
If you have questions regarding exemptions, you are always welcome to contact The Study and Career Guidance.

How to apply

Fill out the following form:

Fill out a provisional study plan and attach to your application.
The student advisors can help make a study plan that will work.

The details
The application form must include an explanation of why the exemption is necessary. The explanation you provide matters, and your application must include information on:

  • Why it is necessary to apply for an exemption.
    • For example: what is the reason you did not pass the exam in your first three attempts?
  • A reasonable account of how an exemption can remedy the problem.
    • For example: how can you pass your exam at a fourth attempt?

Academic ability will not be taken into account when the university assesses if circumstances are special. 

You submit the application by emailing it to


Along with your application for an exemption, you must send documentation of the special circumstances you describe in the application.

This could be a medical certificate, a birth certificate a death certificate or similar. Of course the circumstances that lead to an exemption can be documented in other ways as well.

In relation to illness a medical certificate is of the most importance. Please see the specific requirements for the medical certificate below.

The medical certificate

The medical certificate must be in Danish - but in special cases we can accept one in English. The doctor must write the medical certificate in accordance with applicable rules and it must always contain the mandatory specifications listed below.

Please read all four points:

  • Full name
  • CPR-number
  • Address

  • Full name and title (specialist title if possible)
  • Practitioner’s ID number and authorization ID (ydernummer)
  • Address

  • distinguish between information based on the doctors own examination of you, your information as a patient and third–party information from medical journals etc. 
  • inform whether you are a regular patient at the doctor or not
  • be dated and provided with the doctors professional's signature or otherwise unambiguously attributable to the doctor
  • address all issues relevant to fulfill the purpose of the certificate

  • a description of how the illness affects you and your ability to study or attend an exam
  • the period for your illness (start date and how long it is expected to last) 
  • an indication - using percentages (%) of how much the illness affects your ability to study or attend exams

The purpose of the medical certificate is to document how, to what extent and how long your disorder or illness affects your ability to study and to complete your programme on the terms that normally apply

The doctor is not obliged to inform which illness or disorder is involved, but it can help us understand the degree of influence on your ability to study or attend an exam.

Adequate information gives us the best opportunity to assess whether there is reason to give you exemption.

The requirements are aligned with executive order no. 908 of 18/08/2011 regarding "Executive Order on the issuance of medical certificates, etc."