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Getting started

Coming to Denmark

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For international students only
(All others: Jump to Activating your ITU account below)

When arriving from another country to study in Denmark you need to get your self registered with a residence permit.

You will also need a social security number in order to identify yourself when getting a bank account and in order to get medical treatment for free.

Activating your ITU account

When starting at ITU you will receive a username and your ITU e-mail address. This information is send to you in your welcome letter.

The letter is send out early in July - you will not have access before that.

You will have access to the ITU account, the day after it is activated. 

Your username + password + ITU email (your ITU account) is used to access all the systems at the IT-University of Copenhagen – e.g. LearnIT, email, printers and network drives. 

Please see below how to activate you ITU account, depending on whether you have a MitID or not.

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Multi Factor Authentication

Lock and keys

Before you can use your ITU-login, you need to set up the Multi Factor Authentication.

We strongly recommend that you register a secondary authentication method, to avoid being locked out of your account. 

Access card / Student card

The student Access Card will give you round the clock access to the IT University and you can use it for copying and printing.

You need to pick up the card in the information desk. The following deadlines apply:

  • Autumn semester: September 9 at the latest
  • Spring semester: February 9 at the latest. (Guest students only)
Student ID card