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Student Access Cards

We require you to have a valid student card, when studying at ITU. A student card gives access to the IT University outside normal opening hours and can be used for printing and photocopying.

You will also need it for identification and for borrowing IT-equipment. A student card is free.

You need to have a login from the Student Administration before ordering a card.  

The card is personal and may not be lent to others.
Misuse may result in card withdrawal.

How to order a student card

The card is ordered at the photo booth by the Information desk. It can usually be picked up at the Information desk the following day from 12 pm - 1 pm.

Lost or damaged your student card?

To get a new card, you will have to pay a fee of DKK 100 at the Information desk. Then bring your receipt to the Information desk to get a new card. Please note reissuing of cards will result in your old card being closed immediately. When you have once had a card, you do not need a new photo.

Student cards are valid for the official duration of your study programmes plus 3 months. If you need to extend the validity of your card, please contact Facilities Management for further information.

About your Access Card

The card contains a chip with information on which rooms etc. the card is valid for.
Do not bend or pierce the card. If you have any problems with your access card please contact Facilities Management.