Being a freemover

As a free mover student you are studying abroad without using the exchange agreements at our partner universities. This means that you can choose any university in the world as long as you get a pre-approval of courses from ITU. Note that you are responsible for the whole process.

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How to apply

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As a rule-of-thumb, we advise you to start planning a year in advance. Make sure to tell the host university that you want to go as a freemover student as this will make communication easier.


If you are going as a freemover student, you must check the application deadlines with the specific host university.

Pre-approval of courses for the autumn semester: April 20
Answer from Student Affairs and programmes: June 1

Pre-approval of courses for the spring semester: October 20 (the previous semester)
Answer from Student Affairs and programmes: December 1 (the previous semester)