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Contact the Study and Career Guidance

The Study and Career Guidance

We offer coaching and guidance in every subject related to your studies and your future career. We host a number of events for students, and we offer a talk with a professional and trained student advisor. Talk to us about:

  • lack of motivation / feeling stressed out
  • struggling with everyday life as a student
  • project and thesis writing
  • exam problems
  • group matters
  • exemptions / making a new study plan
  • thoughts on your future career 
  • clarifications of your competencies and skills 
Text: Talking to a Study Advisor gave me a break in all my thoughts, as I did not feel well in my study. They are very kind and understanding, and I realized that I am not the only one who is experiencing doubt and stress. This is unfortunately not something we address openly in my study year (BSc student).

Phone and E-mail

Call: +45 7218 5440 
Weekdays from 10.00 - 11.00. (Thursday closed)
See for upcoming "closing days" below

Write to studentadvisors@itu.dk
We answer e-mails every day, and we try to answer your mail as quick as possible! 

If you are a student at ITU, please use your ITU-email when you write to us, otherwise we cannot guarantee a reply. 

Come by or Book a session

You are also welcome to drop-in at our office at ITU (2A40) without a booking. 
We are open on week days from 12 - 14. (Thursday closed) 

Booked session:
All students at ITU can book a 30 minutes session at ITU or online. We will send you a Zoom link before the online session starts.

Closing days

Ascension day
9 May

Whit Monday
20 May

Constitution Day
5 June

Text: I reached out to the student advisors as I was feeling stressed, demotivated, and was generally struggling with studying and group work. The student advisor helped me feel less stressed and that struggling was okay. Together we created a plan for my future studies, and it helpted to talk it through and take action. We still check in regularly as needed (MSc student).

The Student advisors

The study and career guidance team

The Student Advisors are here to help you with your thoughts, problems or other issues weighing on your mind.

Sometimes you just need the space to talk openly about your frustrations. Sometimes a constructive talk about how to create better study structures will do the trick. Other times we help you by going a bit deeper into your situation, thinking through the options best suitable for you to overcome your current rough patch.

We can also help you determine your competencies and skills and help you navigate your thoughts on a future career.