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Termination of ITU accounts

Termination of your accounts

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After you graduate, your access to your ITU email and other digital services, such as LearnIT, Teams etc. will end.

BSc students continuing to a MSc at ITU will keep their account!

When you no longer have access, you can no longer retrieve documents or files from your studies at ITU. No exemptions made.

Before anything is shut down, you will receive an email from the IT department to your ITU mail, with the precise date for the termination of your accounts.

Remember to download your documents and e-mails

You are guaranteed a 30-day access from the day you receive your final grade. Use this period, to export or download any emails or data you wish to save.

Try to login if you are unsure of what the status of your accounts are.

See below for other important information related to finishing your studies at ITU.

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The details

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Don't get locked out of your computer (Windows)

If you use your ITU account to log onto your personal computer, you risk losing access to your device and data, after graduation.

Please keep your accounts separate, and only use your personal account on personal devices. If you have already logged in with you ITU account, follow the link below to undo it.

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Important with regards to the Windows operation system

Remember this before you lose access to your ITU email.

You might have checked the box "Allow my organization to manage my device".

Follow the link below to undo

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Checklist for data you might want to save

Go through this checklist, so you can tick of all the services and applications you might need to download or save data from.

When you no longer have access, you can no longer retrieve documents or files from your studies at ITU. No exemptions made.

GDPR compliant

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As a result of GDPR we will delete everything connected to your accounts when graduating / finishing your activities at ITU.

For details about GDPR and what we are required to store, please read the ITU privacy policy