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Develop your CV while studying

There are many ways to develop relevant skills outside your studies. Skills that are important when you will be applying for jobs after graduation.

Having a relevant student job is vital, but there are also other ways in which you can gain valuable skills on your CV - for example working as a volunteer or engaging in extra curricula activities at the university.

Student job

A relevant student job is more than just a financial need: it is also a good investment in your future.

Having a relevant student job will:

  • Give you work experience and skills within a specific area
  • Enhance your network
  • Give you the opportunity to practice your academic competencies in a real work-related context
  • Might be the path to a full-time job after graduation

What is a relevant student job?

A relevant student job is a job where you practice and develop skills that are relevant in relation to your studies. It is a job where you practice your academic competencies in a real work-related context. It is also a job where you develop significant skills that are valuable for your future job situation. To clarify, what is study relevant for you has to do with what you would like to work with after your finish your studies.

Focus on assignments and the possibility of developing skills

It is a good idea to focus on the assignments involved in a job, and not in the job title. Be creative and accept if you have to start with other assignments than those you wish for. When you have entered a company or an organization, it is easier to gain more exiting and relevant assignments in the long run

The good cause or a passionate interest might be the main reason for working as a volunteer. However, volunteering is not only an act of grace, it is also a good way to develop skills, gain work experience and expand your network.

Volunteering can be beneficial for all parties. It is a unique opportunity to do something you are passionate about, have fun and learn a lot. At the same time, it can create professional relationships that might be the path to future employment.

Find volunteering jobs at this website.

Extra curricula acticities

Engaging in student organisations or student government work at the IT University is also a very good way to enhance your CV. Sitting on the board in different communities is also positive for your CV, skill development and network.