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Learning Environment

Research Based Teaching and Learning

All teaching and learning at the IT-University of Copenhagen is research-based. As a student, you take part in a research-based learning environment in various ways and most of the time probably without giving it much thought.  
The information here serves to inspire, expand, and further develop your awareness of research-based teaching and learning at ITU as well as pointing to specific possibilities of engaging with research.  

What research-based learning can look like at ITU

Former Junior Researcher in Ethos Lab, Louie Meyer (they/them) point to the informal and interest-driven framing as an important quality of the programme. 

But what is research-based learning?

Research-based learning is the foundation of the pedagogic principles for teaching at ITU. In pedagogical literature, it is defined in various ways.
Many of the definitions highlight the degree of student activity and type of research content that goes into integrating education and research.

Common aspects found in these definitions are:  

  • The curriculum (the selection of materials, topics, and activities) 
  • Research activities 
  • Generating new knowledge 
  • Using research principles and methodologies 
  • Student-centered and inquiry-based activities 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Critical thinking 
Working students

What is research-based teaching?

Research-based teaching is required by The Danish University act of 2011/ 2019. Danish universities must provide research-based education and ensure equal interaction and connection between research and education.

One of the ways to ensure this is to have teachers that are also researchers.

At ITU, at least 75% of the teachers are also active researchers at ITU, and the other 25% are external part-time lecturers with expert knowledge from the industry or other research institutions. 

The final projects are always supervised by active researchers from ITU unless in special cases and approved by the Dean of Education.