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Fitness Room

Use of the ITU fitness room requires membership. Membership rules are aimed at keeping administration costs at a minimum in order to maintain a low membership fee. Therefore, we are not able to provide you should not expect the flexibility and service available in private fitness centers.


You will find the fitness room in the basement beneath the Scrollbar. Access can be gained through a door by the ramp in the southern part of the bike parking basement, marked with a sign. Changing and bathing facilities are available in both ends of the basement.

Try it out

If you wish to try out our fitness room before buying a membership, this is possible on the first Tuesday of every month where there is free access between 09:00 and 19:00

You open the doors to the fitness room by entering your ITU card access code and keeping your ITU card in front of the card reader until the card reader turns green.

Sign up

You can sign up for a membership by filling in an application form at the information desk.
Price list
DKK 400.00 for 3 months
DKK 600.00 for 6 months
DKK 1000.00 for 12 months
Membership is only available for 3, 6 or 12 months and cannot  be put on hold or terminated. It is not possible to have your membership fee refunded, neither in full nor in part.


Payment can be made at the Information desk.


You may not let others in when the door is open. It is important that each member opens the door individually, as we need to know the number of users and the time of use in order to be able to evaluate the need for improvements and new equipment.
General information and guidelines:

• Membership is personal
• There is no fitness instructor
• You are not allowed to let anyone else into the room
• You should always use the fitness room together with other members
• Use only equipment that you are familiar with
• Use of the room is at your own risk
• Clean up after yourself
• The door to the fitness room must be closed at all times.