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Process for writing a project / thesis

Writing a project or thesis at ITU follow roughly the same process, timeline and requirements.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to get the full overview.

  1. Consider what you want to write about and find a supervisor
  2. You register (how to register) for the project in My Study Activities
  3. Your project registration in My Study Activities generates a page in learnIT for your project or thesis to which you and your supervisor have access.
  4. You write and upload your preliminary problem statement (about the project page and the problem statement) for your supervisor’s approval before the deadline.
  5. You meet with your supervisor to discuss the preliminary problem statement and align expectation for supervision. Read about supervision and supervision agreement 
  6. You write the project and meet with your supervisor. 
  7. You submit the project before the set deadline. See here for how to submit and for submission deadlines
  8. You evaluate the supervision process
  9. Go to the oral exam.

Read here for information Especially about the bachelor projects 
Read here for information Especially about the master theses
Read here for information Especially about the Research project 

Read more about the project page and the preliminary problem statement here and the supervision agreement here