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Working in groups

The benefits of working in a group


  • Resources: Being multiple people naturally adds more resources to the group, which can lead to deeper and more thorough work
  • Motivation: Working in groups can be a motivational factor, as it adds sparring, discussions and social aspects to the academic work
  • Obligation: In a group, you have responsibilities towards your group, which can help you meet your obligations and deadlines

Working in groups can be a great enrichment and has many advantages.

The academic results are often better because you will get the opportunity to discuss the subject matter from multiple perspectives and angles.


  • Collaboration skills: When you work in groups, your develop your collaboration skills, which can be an important asses in your future career
  • Articulate your knowledge: In group work, you need to be able to articulate your knowledge and point of view to the other groups members. This is a great way to train for e.g. an exam situation

You can read more about groups and study technique in these books: 'Studieteknik - eller kunsten at studere', Thomas Harboe & Jakob Ravn
'Metode i projektarbejde - problemorientering og gruppearbejde', Helle Algreen-Ussing & Niels O. Fruensgaard

Book a group session

If you cannot solve your conflict within your group, consider booking a session with a student advisor.

We offer group sessions where we frame a constructive dialogue to help you get through your problems.

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