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About SU

Here you will find the most basic information regarding the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU). To get the full overview and for more detailed information we advise all students to go to www.su.dk. This page here will only serve you as a second-hand guide to the official SU-website.

  • Who may apply
  • SU for foreigners
  • How to apply
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Study activity requirements

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You must be an active student when receiving SU.

In terms of SU, your delay is the difference between the number of months you have received SU and the number of ECTS that you have earned.

One month of SU corresponds to 5 ECTS.

SU abroad

If you are receiving SU this will continue while on exchange.

Besides the standard SU, students who have to pay a tuition fee for their courses abroad can apply for the SU udlandsstipendium as well.

If you are not a Danish citizen and if you do not know whether you are entitled to SU, please look at SU's own webpage about equal status according to Danish rules.

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