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Study Abroad

Considering going abroad?

If you are considering to study abroad, a good idea is to begin like this:

  • Find out which semester would be your best semester to travel – you can make a Studyplan with the Study and Career Guidance to be sure.

  • Look at the partnerships for your programme or consider if going as a freemover could be a solution for you. Familiarize yourself with any prerequisites (e.g. grade average, language requirement) the partner or host university might have.
Semester Overview

Explore IT and Open Office

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The IT University hosts an ExploreIT event every fall semester in October, and Open office sessions in the end of every Spring semester and close to the fall semester start.


Economy abroad

Studying can be expensive, but it does not need to be. If you apply for one of our partner universities, no tuition fee is required (unless otherwise stated). This is often not the case if you choose to study abroad without an agreement. In either case, you will have to cover travel expenses, housing, visa, insurance and living expenses yourself.

Fortunately, there are several possibilities for financial support

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Travel reports

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After returning from your stay abroad, you need to fill out a travel report and send it to sap@itu.dk. Find the templates under: Practicalities - after

We use the Travel reports as evaluation and inspiration for other students. It is mandatory to fill out the Travel report.

Find the Travel reports for Exchange students, Freemovers, Summer school and other activities here.