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SU abroad

If you fulfill the requirements for being an active student your SU will be paid out as usual while on exchange.

You do however need to be aware of how you are registered while abroad. If you move your address to your parents or if you have notified the CPR-register that you are not in Denmark, you will be paid the amount that applies to students living at home with their parents. To avoid this you can change your status in minSU under “Oplys særlige bopælsforhold”. Here you choose “udlandsophold/studieophold”

SU scholarship for study abroad (Udlandsstipendium)

You can apply for SU scholarship for study abroad (Udlandsstipendium) if you are studying abroad as a fee-paying student as part of your BSc or MSc programme here at ITU. The same applies if you wish to take a complete MSc degree abroad. 

The scholarship can be used to partially or fully cover the tuition fees. The state scholarship for study abroad opens the way for an abundance of opportunities, because you are not restricted to the universities that the IT University has agreements with.

The grant can only be given if you are able to use the study abroad as part of your education at the IT University.

Read more about the rules applying for SU scholarship for study abroad (Udlandsstipendium) on

How to apply

You apply to the SU-office here at the IT University. Please use the Udlandsstipendium application form

You must document:

  • That you have been accepted to the university
  • That you have a pre-approval of courses
  • Proof of course registrations that matches the pre-approved courses.*
  • The tuition fee amount. Here you need an invoice from your new host university. The invoice must specify which expenses the payment covers.

* If you are not able to register for the courses before you have paid the tuition fee, then please document that your pre-approved courses are available for foreign students.

The scholarship is provisional 
We are aware that the approved courses are subject to change, which is why the SU scholarship for Study abroad (Udlandsstipendium) is provisional. If your courses change after your application has been approved, please provide us with new documentation and letter of credit transfer pre-approval.   

We must receive your application for SU udlandsstipendium before your study abroad has ended.

Send it to

How you are supported

You may receive support when it comes to covering the tuition fee and the application fee. The highest rate is 50.000 DKK (30 ECTS) and the highest rate is 100.000 DKK for a year's studies (60 ECTS, 2024 rates). The rate for your studies is decided by ITU and depends on the cost of a corresponding programme or course in Denmark. This means that you will receive a higher udlandsstipendium for courses within the natural sciences and a lower for courses within humanities.

Find this information by following this link to  

State scholarship (SU) for a full degree programme abroad

If you wish to take a full degree abroad, you can apply for a state scholarship if the university or the particular programme has been approved by a Danish university.

You can find a list of approved universities and programmes here at SU’s homepage. If the programme you wish to follow is not on the list, you can apply to a Danish university to get it approved.