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Submission Deadlines

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Assignments in a course

Mandatory assignments: 
See LearnIT for details and consult your course manager.

Exam assignments: 
See TimeEdit and LearnIT for details.

Submission of re-exam assignment:
Autumn: February 12 2020 
Spring: July 8 2020

See here for more information about Course re-exam.


Bachelor project, Individual projects and Elective projects: 
Autumn: December 16 2019
Spring: May 15 2020

Autumn: March 16 2020
Spring: August 17 2020

Autumn: January 2 2020
Spring: June 2 2020

Autumn: April 1 2020
Spring: September 1 2020

Summer project: 
August 17 2020

December 16 2019

See here for more information about Project re-exam

All submission deadlines for assignments and projects are at 14:00 on the date given above.

See here for Submitting written work.

See below for deadlines on the Project agreement and Thesis plan

Project agreements

Bachelor project, Individual project / elective project:
Friday in week 5 / 35

Research project (CS & SD):
September 27 2019

Summer project:
June 22

Friday in week 5 / 35

Project agreements have a deadline running until 23:59 on the date given above.

Supervision agreements

(Former Thesis Plan)

Please post the supervision agreement in LearnIT once the project folder opens - at the latest after second meeting with your supervisor. Read more here about where and how to post the agreement in LearnIT.