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Register for the Project

You must register for projects in My Study Activities, this includes registration for Bachelor projects and theses.

See deadlines for submitting your project agreement, supervision agreement (former thesis plan) and for submitting the finalised project by going to this page called Submission deadlines.

For more information about how to register, please look under Registration.

Project Agreement

Your registration generates a project agreement in the project base, that you can find on MyITU. Find the project agreement, fill in the required information and invite your supervisor. For more instructions see below. 

Group project
If you are writing a group project, you must choose between five ways of conducting the oral exam. You must write in the project agreement which one you have chosen. See here for the 5 different oral exam forms.

Invite your supervisor

Once you have completed the project agreement, you must formally invite your supervisor via the project agreement. The supervisor must then accept the invitation.

For information on how to find a supervisor, please look here: The project supervisor

Send the project agreement for approval

After the supervisor has accepted the invitation to supervise the project in the project base, you must submit the project agreement to the Board of Studies for approval. You do this via the project agreement in the project base. Until your project agreement has been approved by the Board of Studies, you will not be able to submit your project.

See deadlines for submitting the project agreement here.

Supervision Agreement

The supervision agreement is a supplement to the project agreement, so you need to fill in both agreements.


A very important part of the supervision agreement is the alignment of expectations: how you want to frame the cooperation with your supervisor. Such an alignment is key to making your project process successful.


Students and supervisor fill in the supervision agreement together in the very beginning of the project. Sit down together and be sure to talk about the practicalities (for example communication, meeting frequency, other obligations, need for deadlines) as well as topics closer to the actual projects (for example types of supervisor input, reading and feedback). 


It is possible to revisit the supervision agreement anytime during the process.


Group project
If you are writing a group project, you fill in one supervision agreement for the entire group.


Template supervision agreement

Find the template here: Supervision agreement (Word) Supervision agreement (pdf) 

To be able to write in the Word document all you need to do is to click on 'Enable editing' once you have opened the Word document.

Topics inspiration list

You are free to discuss any topics that are important for you. Remember that the agreement is a tool - not a contract - to make sure that your expectations are aligned with your supervisor’s expectations. For inspiration, please check out this non-exhaustive inspiration list of topics that could be included in the agreement:

  • Who is responsible for time management?
  • Which methods will the students learn to use?
  • What is the level of expertise of the supervisor within the area of the project?
  • Will the students need access to data, equipment, technical assistance etc.?
  • Will other colleagues or external collaborators be involved in the project? 
    • If yes, is there a need for a collaboration agreement? 

  • Who will initiate the meetings?
  • Will all the meetings be face-to-face?
  • Where will the meetings take place?
  • Will the meetings be informal meetings or formal meetings with minutes on decisions?
  • What are the mutual expectations regarding preparation, input, outcome and follow up?
  • Are there any dates not suitable for supervision?
  • Are there any periods where the supervisor or students are unavailable due to conferences, holiday or other? 

  • How will the supervisor give feedback (face-to-face or email)?
  • To which extent do the students need feedback on the progress and quality of the work?
  • What will the level of criticism be?
  • What will the type and level of supervisor involvement in writing be? 

  • Is there a need for deadlines?
  • Will the primary contact be by email, sms or other?
  • What will the response time be on e-mails, documents etc.?
  • What is the student ambition?
  • What kind of input will the supervisor provide (literature, design, contacts etc.)?
  • Are there any circumstances in the students’ life that can influence the project (students with care-giving responsibility, part-time job, health issues, disabilities or other)?
  • Is there a need to take measures to balance project and private life of the students?
  • What is the plan for ongoing evaluation of the collaboration and agreement?
  • What to do in case of conflict or misunderstanding between the students and the supervisor? 



Send the supervision agreement 

  1. You should send the supervision agreement as an attachment by email to Please see Your Programme / Semester Overview for the submission deadline.
  2. You will not get a receipt after you send the agreement. 
  3. You do not need to send the agreement to the Study Administration if you make changes in the agreement. 
Access to the supervision agreement

You, fellow students in your project group and your supervisor have access to the agreement and can agree on modifying it anytime.

If the results of the survey at the end of the project show that there is a need to adjust the supervision process, access to the supervision agreement will be given to employees working with quality assurance.

Submitting the project

See how to submit written work

See the deadlines for submitting the project in the semester overview / submission deadlines under Your Programme.

For more information related specifically to the Bachelor project
For more information related specifically the Thesis