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Project re-exam

The below concerns individual projects / research projects, summer projects and the bachelor project.

First exam attempt

You are automatically registered for the exam, when you register for the project.

If you fail to submit your project for the the deadline of the ordinary exam, The Study Administration will contact you via email after the deadline and inform you of the following consequences:

  • You have used an examination attempt.
  • A new submission deadline will be set 3 months after the original deadline. 

Second exam attempt

If the ordinary exam was your first exam attempt, you are automatically registered for the second exam attempt in the re-exam period. (as described above)

Third exam attempt

If you do not submit your project on your second examination attempt, you will receive an email from Student Affairs and Programmes, asking you to choose from two options:

  • Student Affairs and Programmes can register you for a 3rd exam attempt in the coming exam period.
  • Register for the project yourself in the registration period and write the project in the coming semester. Read more about registering for study activities.

You must reply to this email and inform Student Affairs and Programmes about how you wish to proceed.

Exam form

Both the second and the third exam attempt will have the same form as the ordinary exam.

Time and date of the re-exam 

Find the submission date for project re-exams in the Semester overview.
We will send you an email with the date and time of your oral exam, when it has been planned. 

The exam will be held within four weeks after the deadline for submission.


If you have submitted a group assignment for the ordinary exam, and one or more of the group members passed, you can still submit the same assignment for the re-exam, but you cannot make any changes to it. If you choose to write and submit a new assignment, you can put the first assignment in an appendix to the re-exam assignment, and refer to or quote from it, as you would with texts in the bibliography.