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International students

Registration in Denmark

Depending on whether you are a Nordic citizen, an EU/EEA citizen or a non-EU/EEA citizen, there are different registration procedures upon your arrival in Denmark. 

See below which registration option applies to you and also how to apply for a CPR-number (the CPR-number is explained in detail at the bottom of the page).

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CPR number

Student ID card

The CPR-number is your personal social security number which gives you the right to medical treatment free of charge while living in Denmark.

The CPR-number is needed for a number of things where you need to identify yourself, e.g. creating a bank account, registering a user account at the Public Libraries and in general in all contact with Public Administration.

Once you have your CPR-number you must make sure to go to the Student Affairs and Programmes Front Desk at the IT-University so they can register your CPR-number.