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As part of the green agenda, we sort our waste at ITU. We are proud to contribute by reducing the use of resources through recycling and to increase the awareness around reducing waste.

For the waste to successfully go back into use, the responsibility lies on us all. We need to sort our waste correctly, otherwise all the waste, not just the single misplaced item, will be sent to incineration and everyone's efforts will be lost. If you are in doubt use the “other waste” bins.

Our goal is that as much of our waste as possible is recycled and therefore waste recycling will constantly be undergoing development to become more efficient, so the instructions regarding how to sort the waste will continuously change. For the time being, this is how we sort the waste at ITU:

In the kitchens you will find a sorting station with 5 compartments

  • Plastic: e.g. plastic containers of all kinds, trays, plastic wrapping, plastic bags, foils, bottles, plastic cutlery etc.
  • Glass: All types of glass, not ceramics/porcelain. Remember to remove any metal lids and place these in metal.
  • Metal: Lids from jam jars, rinsed mackerel cans and the like, aluminum foil. No electronic components.
  • Food/bio: Food scraps, Rice, pasta, meat, fruit, teabags, cut flowers without soil.
  • Residual/other: The items that do not belong in any of the other categories. Milk cartons, pizza trays, wrapping paper, dirty paper, paper towels etc. 

Residual waste and food waste are emptied every day, but you may find that some compartments are not emptied daily, so please be mindful of how you leave the waste, perhaps rinse the metal tin from mackerel to reduce the smell.

All compartments are emptied at least once a week. The sorting stations are cleaned daily. 

We thank you for your support both in sorting the waste and keeping the waste bins clean.