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Choosing a University

When you are a freemover, you must ensure that the university offers courses that fulfill the requirements in your curriculum, and you should therefore keep this in mind when choosing a university.

You should also be aware of any additional requirements, such as language requirements.

It can be quite difficult to find a relevant university since there are no limits to where you can go as long as the stay is pre-approved.

There are education agencies in Denmark that can help with information concerning a group of universities in different countries. They work on a commission base, meaning you will face no extra costs compared with applying directly to the university.

Inspiration for where to look

For inspiration take a look at the travel reports. You can also look at

A lot of our Partner Universities could also be open for freemovers, so you can also have a look at these and explore if it is possible. They are listed under the different programs, so you will have to scout around here looking at the different opportunities