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ITU platforms

Here you can find a list of links to portals and pages, you will need throughout your education.

  • my.ITU is where you find the Project Base.
  • ITU email. Your official email, where you will get important information on your programme, changes of an exam, etc. For setting up your email on your phone check out this guide.
  • TimeEdit is where you find your study schedule and where you can configure your own timetables. 
  • My Study Activities is where you sign up for study activities. You can also find your grades, information about passed courses and exam registrations.
  • learnIT is the learning platform for courses and projects at ITU. Here you can also access the course catalogue, with the course descriptions.

  • IT Library. Borrow books and get access to texts. The librarians can also help you with literature searches.
  • ReadIT. ReadIT is the weekly ITU newsletter that brings you important and useful news. As a student, you will automatically receive ReadIT. You can also submit content for ReadIt.
  • The Study and Career Guidance on Facebook and LearnIT for continual information on relevant events about career, study skills workshops etc.