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Activating account without MitID

Since you are an International student you will most likely not have a Danish social security number yet (called cpr-number), and therefore you will not have MitID.

And even if you have acquired a cpr-number and you have MitID, you need to follow these instructions.

You activate your account as described below, by logging in and changing your password. 

First step - locate your login information

  1.  The welcome letter you received details instructions on how to locate your temporary password
  2. In the same letter you received your ITU username

Second step - log in to change your temporary password 

  1. Go to ITU password Management
  2. Log in by using your ITU username and your temporary password
  3. Change your temporary password - see this guide on how to

Once you have done that and activated the Multi-factor authentication, you can access your ITU email and you will have access to all ITU systems.

Updated June 2023