Atriumboks smal

Onboard the Digital Design and Interactive Technologies programme

The MSc in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies – also called KDDIT- is a program where you will study, design, develop and reflect on various aspects of interactive technology. You will learn to plan and execute digital design processes in complex and unpredictable situations, and work with related theories and methods for development and evaluation. You will quickly experience that digital design brings together a variety of academic disciplines, from the social sciences and humanities to computer science and engineering. 

However, for those of you who are new to Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, we have identified three areas which may be good for you to spend some time on over the Summer to help you get off to a great start on KDDIT, namely design, programming, and academic conduct.

Design: for those who have little or no experience with design methods and theory, we organize a workshop on general design methods and theory which will run on campus for two days in August, specifically 15th and 16th August.

Programming: for those of you who are curious about what to expect, we have compiled a list of online tutorials on programming.

Academic conduct: some of you may come from degrees where you may not have been introduced to research papers or have experience with conducting research and academic writing. As this is an integral part of KDDIT, we have collected some resources which we believe will be helpful to you. The ITU Study and Career Guidance pages on ITU Student also have more general information on this topic.

All in all, we hope that the above opportunities will smoothen the transition from your previous education to KDDIT. We are looking forward to meeting you all soon and be part of your learning journey!

Head of Study Programme, Laurens Boer